Registration from 10th march 2021

Technical Race

Amount of registration :  from 10€  

No  Refund  of  the  amount of  the  registration  will  be  made  in  case  of withdrawal of a competitor.

Every competitor have to be the holder of a valid licence from his Federation and they will have to supply a discharge of responsibility.

For the minors, the legal representative will have to sign a parental permission. (doc to download at the enrolment)

Every competitor attest to be able to swim. 

Every  competitor  may  be  prohibited  to  not  continue the race for an incompetence reason, failure to comply with  the  conditions  of  safety  or  non-compliance  with  a direction of the race director.

The maximum size of the authorized paddle board is 14’’. Competitors may register with a smaller board (12'6 feet).

Racing regulation